Business Risks



Commercial Vehicles

Property & Equipment

Liability: Premises & Products

Certificate of Insurance & Additional Insured Issues


Work Comp – Classifications & Experience Mod.

Advertising Liability

Contracts & Leases

Transit (Continental U.S & Ocean Marine)

International Exposures

Cyber Liability

Public Relations

Management Liability


Employee Benefit Risks


COBRA                               Flex Spending

Health Care                        HIPAA

Self Funding                        FMLA

401 (K)                               Disability

Fiduciary                            Loss of Key Persons

Analysis of Employee Benefits:

Understanding the organizations’ philosophy regarding financial commitments to employee benefits packages.

Develop and/or review all plan documents, costs, eligibility, levels of contribution and communications to employees.

Assist/Draft the request for proposal specifications (RFP) focusing on the organizations’ desired benefit levels, plan designs, and overall outcome.  Review all RFPs and provide analysis of all proposals within the scope of organizational goals.

Compliance with regulations impacting employee benefits such as pending health care reform requirements.


Employment Risks

Failure to post required postings

Failure to not update employee manual

Improper employment practices

Lack of supervisor training

Losses outside of workers compensation

Noncompliance with government regulations

Morale Risks